We specialize in the installation of in ground pipe loops specifically designed to maximize efficiency. We strive to offer superior HVAC support to all of our clients. Each ClimateMaster heat pump comes standard with a 5-year labor warranty and 10-year for parts.


License and Certification

  • IGSHPA (Inernational Ground Source Heat Pump Assoc.) Certified.

  • Business License Number: EnergL*882L5.

  • Bonded and Insured.


  • Expertly executed excavation

  • Looping, tying, and installation of ground loops

  • Installation and hook up of ClimateMaster geothermal heat pump

  • Thermostat installation and introduction with homeowner and/or general contractor

Our price includes:

Have you checked your air filter? 

Many service calls can be avoided if your air filter is changed out regularly, about every 90 days.

Our systems require Merv 11 filters, purchasable from Amazon. If you desire better filtration, we recommend that you                  for initial installation of our EarthPure electronic air cleaner. See details below:



We highly recommend installing an electrostatic air purifier, whether you have a geothermal system or a standard system, these air purifiers provide the best possible air filtration for your home or business. Custom built for any HVAC system, these filters are easy to change every 3 to 6 months by the homeowner with replacement filters purchasable from Amazon for $15. 

Filter out:

-Pollen           -Smoke (97% effective)

-Dust              -Pet Dander

-Mold             -Bacteria


For more information, please visit:                                                                                                          

Polarized-Media Electronic Air Cleaner

Contact us for initial consultation and installations: 

We install ClimateMaster geothermal heat pumps in every home. ClimateMaster's constant drive to innovate their products partnered with their unparalleled customer service and support is unmatched in the geothermal heat pump industry and why we only install ClimateMaster heat pumps.


Whether you like a more humid home environment for comfort purposes, or need to maintain a certain level of humidity for your grand piano, EnerGeo can install a humidifier for you. 


Luxe Pools, an EnerGeo company, makes it easy to install your choice of fiberglass pool and/or spa from Viking Pools.


In the summer months, geothermal HVAC systems take the hot air from your home and exchange that heat for the cold temperature in your ground loops to cool your house. But where does that excess heat go? You could use it to take longer hot showers and baths, or you could use it to heat your pool and/or spa. This pairing just made sense to us, so we found the best pool on the market,                                       , and opened Luxe Pools in 2017. 

Please visit our website                                   to read more about our GeoSpa and all of our offerings.