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Located in Richland, WA, serving all of the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. We specialize in energy efficiency consultation, and the installation of geothermal ground loops and ground source heat pumps. We are passionate about saving you money on your energy bills while enjoying an overall better product and more comfortable indoor experience. 


In 2011, we saw a need in the Tri-Cities for an affordable geothermal HVAC option for builders and homeowners. Geothermal energy is being utilized all over the country and world, why not here? The Tri-Cities offers ideal weather and soil conditions for the best possible utilization of this technology. We partner with ClimateMaster to provide the most sought after geothermal HVAC unit and installation in the Tri-Cities.

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Geothermal HVAC



  • Energy savings consultation

  • State of the art loop installation

  • Residential and Commercial Geothermal heat pump installation


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